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Training schedule at a glance


We cover basics of HVAC systems and its related general topics related to current trending in market.

  • Designing aspects based on different types of machines available in market.
  • Heat load calculation.
  • SMACNA Standards.
  • Chiller & Cooling Tower Selection Detailing.

Software Training for design & Drafting.

Ventilation system designing like Car parking, Toilet and Kitchen hood.

  • Air conditioning designing based on a project.
  • Chiller hydraulic calculations based on a project.
  • 7 Assignments.
  • 8 Projects.


  • Introduction to electrical designing
  • Basic terms and definitions
  • Protection devices below 100 amps
  • Distribution boards
    Sub circuits and load balancing
  • Project based on load below 100kva
  • Selection of transformers & diesel generators

  • Selection of cables & protection devices

  • Physical layout of panel boards & project based on unit load.

  • MSB design and types of panel board.

  • Interconnection methods & fuse grading.

  • Basics of mep services.

  • Classifications of ac loads.

  • HT side designing,fault analysis & earthing design – project below 2000KVA.

Doubt Clearance Sessions and Project analysis

  • 4 Assignments
  • 2 Projects


  • Fundamentals of plumbing system.
  • Water resources.
  • Water Quality.
  • Water Requirement Calculation.
  • Water Balancing Chart.
  • UGS Designing.
  • OHT Designing.
  • Fixtures and fixture units.
  • Plumbing Layout
  • Pipe sizing.
  • Water Distribution System.
  • Drainage and Waste Water disposal.
  • Toilet Detailing.
  • Soil and waste pipe system.
  • External Details.
  • Rain Water Harvesting System.
  • Schematic Layout Preparation.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • BOQ,Estimation and Tender.
  • Doubt Clearing sessions.


  • Basics of Fire Protection System.
  • Fire Extinguisher.
  • Fire Protection System.
  • Fittings and Valve accessories.
  • Detection and Alarm System.
  • Fire hose reel & Hydrants.
  • Building occupancy.
  • Sprinkler system.
  • Pipe sizing.
  • NBC Layout.
  • Pump hydraulic Calculations.

Drawing Detailing

  • Sprinkler layout.
  • Evacuation Plan.
  • Tank Designing.
  • Pump room & Fire duct Detailing.
  • Schematic layout.
  • Floor Plan detailing.
  • Fire duct detailing.
  • BOQ, Estimation & Tendering.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions.

MEP - HVAC Designing

MEP Electrical Designing

MEP Plumbing Designing

MEP Fire Fighting Designing


popular course

This training program ideal for

  • Technical or engineering school graduates.
  • Engineers new to the MEP field.
  • Who need a refresh in new technologies.
  • Facility managers.
  • Sales representatives who want to gain a better understanding of Building Services.

You’ll receive video tutorials as per training scheduler after enrollment.


More than 2400 People like You Love our courses.

My endeavour with Adapts Engineers Electro Mechanical to design and implement the electrical and plumbing installation for a new building in Thammanam, Kochi has been a pleasant one. Their composure to understand the nature of my requirements and professionalism to comply to them has been lovely.
Anand R
I had a wonderful experience from Adapts Engineer , I completed my MEP - HVAC & I have got a vast knowledge about HVAC and RAC, the faculty are always online for us,for clearing doubts.Thanks so much Adapts for making me a Good HVAC design engineer..
Antony Edward
Adapts Engineers has given a huge opportunity for me to improve my design skills and on-site experience. MEP course has boosted my career viability and cognitive skills because I was able to get individual attention comprehensively.The team is very experienced, with in-depth knowledge. Highly recommendable.
Jibin George
Adapts Engineers is a great place, especially for freshers and experienced professionals, to develop and expand one's knowledge in MEP systems in a building.This institute provides hands on learning experience and gives emphasis on practical approach to learning so as to prepare their students to deal with real life challenges especially on construction sites.
A new vision and better platform to enhance our knowledge in MEP. Architects are those work with other engineers for the designing and construction of buildings and communicate their ideas to each another is through blueprints or technical drawings. As an architect I can suggest adapts to get more knowledge in building services.
Excellent coaching for students who are looking in a career in mep sector. Starting from basics to advanced structural and designing field by experienced faculty. . Course comes with electrical design and drafting hvac design and installation, plumbing engineering and fire fighting with most modern lab facilities includes automation and instrumentation
Vishnu M

Based on feedback

“Mistakes should be examined, learned from, and discarded; not dwelled upon and stored.”

Response to complaints 98%
Class Quality (including PPT, Sound clarity, Access etc) 94%
MEP Design Contents 96%
Faculty response for doubts 100%

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MEP Electrical

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Heating & Form of Energy


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Here are some Frequently asked questions regarding the MEP online training pattern and class sharing. If these information not helpful, you can use the live chat facility in the website or can whatsapp in +91484-3511606 or call us on +919447950088 (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)

For MEP Full course duration of the theory classes will be 75 hours.

For MEP Single course duration of the theory classes will be 21 hours.

Evaluation process is based on Project and assignment submission.

You can work out and learn thoroughly as per your time schedule.

At the time of registration we will add you into a whatsapp discussion platform to share your doubts and queries.

You can use the live chat facility in the website.

You can contact faculty for personal assistance also.

We will issue course conducted e- certificate to your registered mail id after the successful completion of the training program.
Adapts Engineers is affiliated to National Council for Technology and Training, New Delhi and registered under MSME.

Adapts Engineers is affiliated to National Council for Technology and Training, New Delhi and registered under MSME.

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You’ll receive video tutorials as per training scheduler after enrollment.

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